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Svinje - In This World

I want to express myself in the right way through booze, sloth, lost days
I don’t have in itself a driving force, trying every day, but stop.
And even when I have, I don’t know what to do with it,
spend it on the wrong things

Sometimes I succeed at least for a little while, feeling happy thanks to the guitar.
I don’t have my peace, my life does not fulfill me, the vision of modern society corrupts me.
I am happy only when I am running away from myself, trying in vain, but I’m  not getting older.
My generation has long grown up, have children, work and live
They laugh, they cry, sacrifice, effort.
For them I am a punk with no

Therefore, I feel pain, no there is no cure, it’s just my pain
So, when I feel pain, only one thing helps, and that is punk.
I sought solace in feelings until I realized it was a lie
Selfish ridiculous thing called love, selfishness, addiction and other misery
In this world, everything is boring, usually, and thousand times seen before
I’m working and I’m learning every day, but that’s all I have long overcome with.

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